Why I've Closed the Comments

A few people have asked me why I closed the comments on this blog. There two main reasons, the biggest being:

1. I was getting a lot of spam in the comments from old blog posts. This happens occasionally. I'm hoping that turning them off for a while will make the mean old spamster go away.

2. I was checking for comments too often and feeling sad when no one commented. When I'm feeling sad about something like that, I know it's time to take away the incentive that leads me there.

Finally, several of my favorite blogs, such as Mental Multivitamin and Holy Experience, don't have comments. If you want to communicate with the blogger, you have to e-mail them. And I've e-mailed both--not often, but occasionally when something they write really resonates with me. It's nice to be able to tell them, in a private letter, how much their post meant to me. I thought it would be neat for that to happen to me, maybe, someday, if I actually write something worth responding to.

That said, I probably don't have the discipline to remain "no comments" for long. Part of what I like about reading blogs is reading the comments. But I'm going to keep them off for a few more days at least, in hopes that the comment-spammers will go away.

Have I mentioned lately that I'm almost seven months pregnant? :)


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