Week 28 Belly Pic

We took this picture on Saturday, but Hubster had to go out of town for a few days and took the camera with him. Silly Hubster!

Scout is going through his/her golden age of in-the-womb kicking, and I'm enjoying every minute of it, every little thump. Scout has also begun to respond to his/her Daddy's voice, which is sweet.

Speaking of the Dad, here he is, showing us how truly fatherly he can be to Scout's big brother and sister:

We're almost to 29 weeks, so I'll have a Week-29 update for you on Friday!


Megan Monk said…
As long as Beau and Hidey can share a lap, they should be fine... they just can't have Scout's lap for a while. :) Can't wait for Monday!
Krismeister said…
Looks GREAT! Isn't it weird to look down and not see your toes?? You look sooooo happy!!
Sarah said…
Hey, Nina, I'm going to invite you to join Google Talk with me. Watch for your invitation. Later, Sarah

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