Update: 27 Weeks

Well, Scout, here we are. We’re starting the journey of our third trimester. According to the statistics, you should be about two pounds right now and about 14.5 inches long. I can tell that you’re sleeping and waking at regular intervals. Your most “awake times” are between 9 and 12 in the morning and then starting again around 9:00 at night. In the mornings, you like to stretch your weary bones. I can feel the stretching on either side of my belly.

It’s probably pretty dark in there, but you’re still able to open and close your eyes. And your ears … I do believe your ears are working just fine, since you respond to Mommy’s voice and not Daddy’s. (Well, Daddy probably wouldn’t say they were working fine, but that’s beside the point.)

If you were to be born right now, you would have a pretty good shot at surviving, even though your lungs aren’t quite there yet.

Did you know, you got the hiccups the other day? It was adorable.

Your big day is still three months away (God willing), but everyone is so excited about your impending arrival already. Aunt Megan has eight bags of baby clothes waiting for you—and even more bags, if you’re a girl! She also has scads of baby gear that you’ll use. What do you say to that, Scout? Exactly! “Thanks, Aunt Megan!”

Grandma Gwen (GG) and Paw Paw Hugh will be going back to Louisiana soon, but they’ll be back up well in time to see you when you’re born (make that a few minutes after you’re born).

Daddy is reading baby books and learning all he has to learn to be a good “birth coach.” He’s having fun feeling and watching you move inside my belly. And he can’t wait to take you on your first hiking trip!

Speaking of hiking, here’s where we are if we compare your journey to a southbound AT hike (click picture to enlarge):

Yep, we’re somewhere around Campbell Shelter, which isn’t too far from the famous McAfee Knob in southwestern Virginia. I'll try to find a picture of your dad in that beautiful place in real life.

Comparing your journey to a northbound AT hike, we’d be somewhere around Hatch Brook, Connecticut (click picture to enlarge):

Yes, Scout, you’ve made it to New England. Congratulations! As you can see, Hatch Brook is about halfway through the Connecticut section. For you AT enthusiasts, that’s about 12 miles south of Kent.

Here’s what you look like now (only you’re much cuter, and you're probably lying sideways, since you seem to like that position):

(27-week image from BabyCenter.com)

Several people have asked me why I didn’t post a Week 26 belly pic last week. The reason? Our camera batteries were dead, and I was well over 26 weeks by the time we got them. But I promise—I will post belly pics later this week! I’ll try to wear my special blue tank top and everything!


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