Monday, September 21, 2009

My Precious Little (Alien) Child

We got 3-D ultrasounds today! Scout is apparently a very healthy little alien, weighing in at 3 pounds, 1 ounce, which is about normal for 29 weeks gestation. Also, Scout's measurements put him/her at 29 weeks, 3 days--which is actually what we are! So our little Scout seems to be growing at a healthy rate.

Heart rate was 138. Baby wasn't very active this morning. I think we interrupted his/her morning nap or something.

Here are some pictures from the ultrasound. (Warning: Babies tend to look like aliens in 3-D ultrasound pictures.)

First of all, because I love you, dear, readers, I've labeled the "Scout parts." I couldn't tell what I was looking at until the sonographer explained it to me. So hopefully this will help you:

Here is the little Scout wearing an Elvis wig and pretending to sing "Suspicious Minds." Just kidding. The "black hair" is actually shadows from the ultrasound machine. They actually couldn't see any hair on the baby. In this picture, Scout is holding his/her hand near his/her mouth and nose.

The sonographer said she thinks Scout has my nose and Hubster's lips. This is a relief. There isn't anything wrong with Hubster's nose, but my lips are another story. They're incredibly thin. If I wear dark red lipstick, I look like someone has slashed a tiny pocketknife across the bottom of my face. Hubster, on the other hand, has full, thick lips. You can see something like them on Scout:

Before they did the 3-D ultrasound, they did a regular ultrasound. Scout gave us a "thumbs up"--see?

How sweet is that? Scout also seemed to be clapping his/her hands for part of the time. Hand-clapping and a thumbs-up ... sounds like a happy baby to me. :)


Joan said...

OMG how cute a pouting Elvis.

Christy Howell said...

That is just breath-taking, Nina!!
Wow - I'm so hapy for you!

cuzn veronica said...

how incredible!!! almost time!


Anya said...

I just looked into the office where my hub is working (i'm kicked back with the lap-top in the recliner) and said "I shouldn't be reading Waterfall's blog --- it's getting me feeling like I'm about ready for a baby." So anyway, don't think it'll be a go anytime soon (the tip off was the grunting noise that came as a reply from my hub) -- but thank you so much for making pregnancy seem fun. As always, you inspire me.

B said...

Congrats on your 3D ultrasound - I enjoyed mine thoroughly! hope you're feeling well :)

platitudinal said...

This is just incredible. I love the thumb's up picture.

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