Me & Scout: 29 Weeks and Counting

Here we are at 29 weeks of pregnancy. And yes, Virginia, we are still in Virginia.

According to my advanced mathematical calculations (heh, heh), if this pregnancy were a southbound AT hike, Scout and I would be at Jenny Knob Shelter in southwest Virginia. If we were northbounders like Scout’s dad, we would be somewhere between Adams and North Adams, Mass.

Now we’re getting somewhere … almost to North Carolina, and almost to Vermont! Wow. If you noticed my belly pic for Week 28, you’ll see that Scout has really begun to grow.

Here’s what’s been happening with our little one this week:

Scout is about 2.5 pounds and is just over 15 inches long, head to toe. (Actually, those are the measurements for the average baby at 29 weeks. Scout may be a little smaller.) Scout’s sweet little head is getting bigger and bigger to accommodate all those wonderful brain cells. And Scout’s body is getting a workout—kicking, kicking, kicking. I love it.

As for me? Here’s what the site says about me for this week:

“Let's get right to the point: You're a bloated, water-retaining mess. Chances are good you can't get your sneakers on or your wedding ring off, so get comfy in your slippers. Your pants don't fit. Your shirts don't fit. And now, thanks to the swelling in your feet, your shoes don't fit. You can thank a wonderful thing called edema for that. Go edema!”

Well, it isn’t all that bad—I guess I’m lucky. Everything still seems to fit (so far), including the wedding ring, but I must admit that Hubster’s shorts and t-shirts are more comfortable for lounging around the house. I’ve been drinking lots of water and doing prenatal yoga and my Perfect Pregnancy Workout regularly, so I’m sure that hasn’t hurt.

In my daily pregnancy calendar last week, it said, “Mom may be experiencing increased urination again.” Again? AGAIN? Um, I don't think it ever decreased. And that’s no surprise. I mean, look at where the poor bladder is in the great scheme of things right now:

Someday, someday, I’ll again sleep the whole night through without having to get up 15 times to visit the bathroom! Of course, those days will come after Scout starts sleeping the whole night through …

So, life continues to be good and my pregnancy continues to be “uneventful.” If it suddenly became eventful and Scout were born today, he/she would have something like a 90% chance of survival. So we seem to be getting out of the woods on that one.

We’ll take my Week 29 belly pic this weekend and (hopefully) will post it here shortly afterward.

Happy Friday, everyone!


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