The Li'l Bebby

Today was my monthly appointment with the midwife—my last monthly appointment. From now until Week 36, I’m to go every two weeks, and thereafter once a week.

Makes me realize how far along I really am.

So, the li'l bebby really is a li'l bebby. Apparently, Scout is measuring small for 28 weeks, but the midwife said she’s not surprised or worried, since I’m a small-framed person to start with. I’ve gained a whopping 19 pounds so far, which puts me on track for the recommended 25- to 35-pound gain.

A small baby ... I would love for Scout to be a little six-and-a-half- or seven-pounder. That, combined with my wide "child-bearing hips" should be a birthing mother's dream come true.

Scout may be small, but he/she sure is active lately. While the midwife was checking Scout’s heart rate, my belly kept bumping from the baby’s soft little kicks. The heart rate, by the way, was its usual 140. Average is “anywhere between 120 and 160,” so it looks like Scout is right on track.

They also gave me the glucose and hemoglobin (iron) tests again. Once again, I passed the glucose test (which means I don’t have gestational diabetes—yay!) and was low on iron. However, I was only barely low on iron, so they aren’t worried. What amazes me is that I’m still low on iron, even though I take prenatal vitamins and iron supplements daily, and am eating meat at least five days a week.

It was a good little visit. Scout looks to be very healthy so far, so I’m feeling thankful.

Twelve and a half more weeks until Scout's due date!


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