I Work with Cool People

Last week, my co-workers threw me an impromptu baby shower (well, it seemed impromptu to me because it was a surprise). They had pooled together some money to buy some really nice gifts. Plus, my friend Stephanie made a cake in the shape of an exclamation point (in celebration of National Punctuation Day) that said "Welcome Scout," and my friend Lori made a "cake" out of diapers and baby gifts. Here's a picture of the diaper cake:

And just so you can fully appreciate it, I've labeled some of the details (click on the picture to view a larger image):

This picture also stars two of my co-workers: Kelly (who is hiding behind the cake) and Stephanie (who made the exclamation point cake). Well, you can't really see Stephanie since she's hiding behind the bag, but you can see her arm.

I guess it also stars Dan, who actually took the picture. Thanks, Dan!

I really love my job, and a big part of it is because of the people I work with.


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