(Yet) Another Scout Update

One thing I've been really thankful about is that Scout, so far, has progressed normally. I haven't had any big surprises at my routine appointments or ultrasounds. We've only done one test for birth defects (the NT test for Down Syndrome) and opted not to do amniocentesis or any of the other tests, even though I'm considered more "at-risk" due to my age.

So today was Scout's four-week appointment. I've gained about 14 pounds since I first learned I was pregnant, which is about right. Recommended guidelines are for me to gain 25-35 in the course of the pregnancy. Scout's heart rate was 140, which is what it's been all summer.

For Scout's September appointment, we'll do another blood sugar test to check for gestational diabetes. They did one last month, as well--the doctor today told me that it's routine for them to test the elderly and obese moms-to-be more often than the others.

Good news: Last night, Beau jumped on the bed and, in the process, dug his claws into Hubster's leg. Well, that's not good news. The good news is that after Hubster yelped in pain, Scout kicked up a storm for a few minutes. That means Scout might, just might, have good ears (unlike his/her mommy).

Really good news: Hubster is home from camp! Home for good! No more lonely nights for me!


The Dahmens said…
Nina, I am so glad to find your blog. It is a delight to read!! I had many of the same pregnancy experiences you seem to have had. Despite all of the ultasound photos, it was really hard for me to believe that I was pregnant. I still didn't believe it when I was in the delivery room!! Maybe it has to do with being an older mom. I also had some crazy weird dreams. Two stick out: that I gave birth to a snake and that I gave birth to twin gorillas! BUT I think being an older mom is wonderful! You have much more patience and are ready to dedicate yourself to the little one, who will instantly win your heart. I couldn't be more thrilled for you!

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