Wow. What a day. My mom, sister, hubster, and I all met at a kids' furniture store this morning and picked out all manner of baby furniture for Scout. We got a crib that turns into a toddler bed, which turns into a "real" bed. We got a mattress for the crib. We got a dresser. We got a bedside table. We got rails to go on the toddler bed once Scout is ready to "graduate" to it. I'm sure we got something else. We had to have, after all the money that store made off of us.

Then we went to Babies R Us to do our registry. Wow. I am so glad I had my sister with me. She's something of an expert in baby gear, having gone through all of this last year when she was expecting the lovely Miss Ella. So we got our scanner gun and scanned everything from bottles to butt cream to playards to blankets to fitted sheets for the crib. I was exhausted by the time we finished, but I was also very happy because we got everything done--no second trips to Babies R Us required!

After that, we went to REI so I could show everyone my dream baby jogger. Of course, we couldn't stay away from the baby clothes and shoes, and my poor sister couldn't make it out of the store without buying the lovely Miss Ella a raincoat of her very own.

All in all, it was a very productive day. I must admit, I was not particurlarly looking forward to this baby-registry trip. I've been in Babies R Us a few times, and it's pretty overwhelming. But with my sister there, picking out registry items was a snap. She would say, "You'll need this," and I would say, "Okay!" Then ... beeep ... (that's my imitation of the scanner gun) ... it was on my registry. On to the next item.

Even the Hubster had fun. Especially when we got to the baby-toy section. :)


Crawdaddy79 said…
I've always wondered why they sell Toys at Toys R' Us, but they don't sell Babies at Babies R' Us.
Waterfall said…
Maybe they *do* sell babies, and the baby-supply store is just a front for the black market.

I always thought it seemed strange to have stores called "Toys R Us" and "Babies R Us." I mean, shouldn't a toy be the one to say "Toy Am I"? Or a baby the one to say "Baby Am I"? Why would a bunch of toy executives claim to be toys or babies?

I am so confused.
krismeister said…
Despite best efforts, there will come a time, around day 3 after coming home from the hospital, that you say, "Hubster, we don't have xxxx and I need it now! Go to Babies-R-Us and get it!" And, he will.

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