Today's Ultrasound

One of the great things about where I live is the multitude of free ultrasounds available. The local pregnancy care center is training someone to be a sonographer, so they've been begging for ultrasound models. Scout "modeled" a couple of months ago, and we went back in today for Scout's second "modeling" session.

Scout was very discreet and polite and didn't flash his/her private parts for the camera, so we were relieved about that. We got a great picture of Scout's little face. I should be able to scan it tomorrow and will post it here then.

Scout, as I thought, is currently in the "transverse" position with the head on my right side and the bottom/feet on my left side. That isn't a problem right now, since I'm only 25 weeks, 6 days (but who's counting?). As the pregnancy progresses, Scout should tumble down to where he/she will be coming head-first down the chute.

Heart rate today was 144. Scout is still a healthy little baby. That's a relief.

I, on the other hand, am dealing with weak/dizzy spells, probably due to the anemia I've developed since becoming pregnant. I'm eating more meat than I've ever had in my life, plus taking iron pills every day. So it's frustrating to have to sit or lie on the floor when I'd rather be at my desk.

Ninety-nine more days. Time's a-flyin'!


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