Ten Random Things ...

... that have nothing to do with Little Scout, or with being pregnant.

Is it possible for me to think of ten random things that have nothing to do with Little Scout and/or pregnancy? No? Well, I’ll try anyway, for those of you who are tired of my pregnancy-related posts. So, here we go.

Ten random things that have nothing to do with Little Scout and/or pregnancy:

1. Scout is due in 100 days. Only 100 days! Help!!

1. I haven’t been playing piano, so I have no news to report there, other than that I’ve suddenly become very insecure about my ability to play anything. I wonder if I’ll ever be able to shake my piano-neuroticism. I’ve written several letters to piano friends, but I never send the letters because I sound like such a whiner.

2. Life has been bliss ever since the Hubster came home from camp.

3. I’m reading a bunch of books on natural childbirth.

3. It’s really hard to eat when you have a baby smushing your stomach.

3. I’ve been taking an H&R Block tax course. No, I have no plans, not ever, to prepare anyone’s tax return. But it was offered for free at my job, and a good learning-addict never turns down a free opportunity to sit in class and learn stuff. Of course, one of the things I learned (and which I suspected already) is this: I’m not very good at taxes. No star student status in this class for me, no sirree.

4. Hubster and I watched the first season of “24” on DVD last week. (Yes, this means we were couch potatoes for hours every night.) Funny that two of the bad guys for that season ended up being named Dan and Nina. That’s just wrong.

5. Little Scout loves to hang out on the right side of my uterus. It’s sweet.

5. I really love Pandora.com, except that it keeps pegging me for a country-music fan, even when I'm listening to my "Palestrina" station. I’m starting to learn never to click the “Thumbs Up” button if any remotely country singer (Willie Nelson, John Denver, etc.) comes on. Next thing you know, it’s nothing but twangdiddy-twang-twang-twang.

6. Yesterday I created a station on Pandora.com called “Julie Andrews.” And the first song it played was Elton’s John’s “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.” Huh? But I thumbed it up (thumb-upped it?) anyway.

7. I’m really glad that my favorite pundit, Jay Nordlinger, is back from his Salzburg trip. I was missing his often thought-provoking, and always charming, Impromptus column.

8. I owe e-mails to Jonathan, Nocona, and Forrest, not to mention a bunch of other people. One of these days ...

9. Facebook really is a wonderful thing, despite its faults. Most recently, I’ve found my Yellowstone friend, Lottie, as well as a few more people from high school that I actually liked. Kind of neat to (1) remember the unhappy times in your life, (2) be thankful for those who helped to make those times less unhappy, and (3) be able to communicate with them, 20 or so years later, on Facebook.

10. One of the names Hubster and I love for a boy is Josiah. Then we met someone on Sunday who has a four-month-old named Josiah. And her sister-in-law is expecting a baby girl in September … and is naming her Scout.

10. I’ve been listening to 70’s love songs on Pandora. This is not a safe activity for a pregnant woman, who cries at any little emotional sentiment. I’m keeping Kleenex at my desk. I can’t help it if all those love songs seem expressly written for me and the Hubster.

10. Speaking of the Hubster, I am the luckiest woman alive for having snagged him for a husband.

Well, I did come up with 10 things. It just took a few tries.


eArThworm said…
I don't find infpeace's 'Palestrina' station on Pandora. Is that really the name of it?
Waterfall said…
Yes, I just probably don't have it under "infpeace." I'm not sure what it's under ... will need to check.

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