Scout's First Concert

Oh, great. I asked the midwife last week if it would bother Little Scout for me to go to a loud concert, and she said Scout would be fine, that Scout is so insulated in the amniotic fluid that the loud noise wouldn't be a problem.

So I went to see my old flame, Rick Springfield. And of course the money I spent for a reserved seat was completely wasted since Mu (my sister) and I stood next to the stage (and the speakers) the whole time.

Then I read in my Pregnancy Planner Newsletter today that Scout "can hear clearly now and is especially sensitive to loud noises, which can startle him [or her], making his [or her] heart thump and his [or her] arms flail. He [or she] much prefers soothing music or the faint sound of your voice. Do some experimentation with different (calming) noises to see which he [or she] responds to the most."

Somehow I doubt that the combination of a very loud "Jessie's Girl," combined with several thousand very loud, screaming late-thirtysomething girls (with one of those screaming girls being yours truly) was soothing for Baby Scout.

I actually did worry about Scout throughout the concert. That was the one negative about the whole experience. I myself had to take out my hearing aid and wear earplugs--nothing quite like the lovely combination of hearing loss and recruitment. I think I was the only overgrown teenybopper in the audience who had funny orange squishies sticking out of her ears. They looked silly, but I would have been miserable without them. I could still hear everything perfectly fine (by my standards, at least), so they didn't seem to take away from the experience.

Rick looked good. And sounded good. I must admit, my knees went weak a few times. Funny how those deeply ingrained feelings from my early and mid-teens are still there and can be reawakened by the mere sound of his voice singing, "I almost believe you were made to be played by my hands." Ha. It's hard to believe he'll be 60 this month. Of course, I thought he was kind of old (33) back when I first fell madly in love with him. I was 12 at the time, so I guess he was old in comparison.

Oh, and I did not throw my big, pregnant bra at the stage, by the way--despite the rumor my sister is trying to spread.

I tried to get some good pictures, but all I had was my cell phone camera, which is a poor excuse for a camera. Most of my pictures looked like this:

For comparison, here's the best one I got:

Anyway, I doubt that Scout enjoyed the concert, but hopefully I didn't do anything to damage his/her developing ears. If I did, I'll never be able to forgive myself.

P.S. I did a blog search for "Rick Springfield Biltmore" and discovered this lovely blog by breast cancer survivor Lisa Larson. She posted pictures from the concert here. They're a LOT better than my pictures, so be sure to check them out.


Joan said…
I went to see U2 and The Grateful Dead while pregnant with my son. I actually got scared at U2. It was in the old RFK stadium in DC. We were standing on bleachers that were bouncing up and down. I believe my daughter only experienced The Dave Matthews Band in utero.

Glad you and Scout had fun.

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