Pregnant on Fish Hatchery Road

Here we are at Week 25 and Fish Hatchery Road. (Click map to make it bigger.)

For those who haven't been following along, I'm breaking up my pregnancy into equivalent miles of a southbound AT thru-hike. So, 25 weeks of pregnancy is equivalent to reaching (somewhere around) Fish Hatchery Road near Montebello, Virginia, south of Shenandoah National Park. I think it's called Spy Rock Road now, but I always thought "Fish Hatchery Road" was such a great name for a road. It sounds so odd ... fish hatching? On a road?

A baby hatching? In my belly?

Here are some of this week's highlights:

- Scout's eyes became completely developed this week. They've been closed for some time now, but will probably open near the end of the month.

- Scout's skin is red and wrinkled, but starting to smooth out.

- Scout has reached a point at which he/she, if born today, would have at least a 50% chance of survival. That's a big relief.

- Scout is now about 13.5 inches, head to toe, and weighs about a pound and a half--about the same weight as my trusty old Feathered Friends Hummingbird.

- Scout's hands (perfect for playing piano with, or at least holding Leki poles with) are now completely developed.

- Scout's nostrils are clearing out, and he/she can now practice breathing through his/her nose.

- The blood vessels in Scout's little lungs are developing.

All in all, I'd say it's a pretty exciting time to be Scout.

About me:

I had another episode of painful round ligament stretching, which I wrote about a few days ago. I'm also starting to get some leg and foot discomfort in the form of charley horses and swollen feet (mainly at night). Apparently, no amount of exercise, potassium, and calcium is going to block leg cramps altogether. Oh well.

My jeans and the other maternity clothes I bought near the end of my first trimester are getting tight, and I'm hoping not to have to go on yet another shopping trip for clothes I may never wear again after this winter.

Truly, I never thought I'd see the day when the Hubster's shorts and t-shirts fit me better than my own clothes. But that day, my friends, is here.

Other than feeling swollen and crampy and tired, though, I'm feeling pretty good.

My third trimester officially begins three weeks from today. Scout is due in 15 weeks.

ACK! Only 15 weeks! Help!!!!!


Joan said…
I have to say you know a lot more about fetal development than I did (or do). Pregnancy was a blur for me.
I would suggest buying a few things that are comfortable to wear and you feel good about wearing. Yes, you may never wear the clothes again but perhaps you can give them to someone else who really needs them.
The Dahmens said…
Hey Nina and Scout! Woo hoo 25 weeks - that is a real milestone. When I was pregnant I lived in my husband's clothes - nothing else was comfortable - especially during Hurricane Gustav. Maternity clothes were too tight and small (and I only gained 17 pounds). Anyway, embrace your husband's clothes and tell them it is his daddy responsibility to share them with you and Scout! I guess the only problem is that I still want to wear my husband's clothes today - 7 months later :)

15 weeks! WOW! You will be an awesome Mommy!!

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