Friday, August 28, 2009

26 Weeks!

26 weeks down, 14 to go. I think back to when I was 14 weeks and think, “Well, I was just barely pregnant then!” Fourteen weeks does not seem like a long time. That’s just over three months remaining: September, October, and November, plus a few days on either end, if Scout comes as expected on December 4.

Comparing pregnancy to a southbound AT hike, this puts me at the Apple Orchard Falls Trail, which is about seven miles north of Bryant Ridge Shelter—about right here:

I remember staying at Bryant Ridge Shelter. There was a Scout troop staying there as well, and plenty of room for everyone. The next morning, I just about froze to death. I was hiking before sunrise, and literally ran up the uphill trail in an effort to get warm.

And it worked. A half-hour later, I had to stop to remove my rain pants and hiked the rest of the day in my shorts.

Unlike me, Hubster was a northbounder (“nobo”). So I thought it only fair to share where Scout and I would be, if we were comparing this pregnancy to a northbound hike. It looks like we’d be somewhere around Shenandoah Mountain, NY, about 15 miles north of Graymoor Spiritual Life Center, and about three miles south of RPH Shelter. On the big map, that's somewhere around here:

Ah, Graymoor. I remember using their outhouse. It was clean, it smelled nice, and the water was blue. Such luxury! I thought I’d died and gone to heaven.

OK, enough about hiking. Scout, Hubster, and I will be hiking soon enough. For now, Scout’s only hikes have been back and forth across my bladder. Let’s see what’s happening with Scout this next week:

- Scout’s about 14 inches long now (about 9.4 inches from crown to rump) and weighs about 1.7 pounds.

- Scout’s eyes will open this week!!

- Scout’s ears are developed enough that he/she, unless deaf like mom, may be able to hear Hubster and me talking.

- Scout has a good, strong grip now. I’ll have to add Leki poles to his/her baby registry, no?

- Scout is able to cry. Poor Scout. Don’t cry, Scout. It’ll be okay. Look, here's what you look like now:

And the big one: One week from today, I finish my second trimester. Can you believe we’re this far along? I can’t. Even though my ever-growing belly tells me otherwise.

I’m starting to look forward to childbirth the way I looked forward to my thru-hike: I knew it was going to be one of the hardest things I’d ever do, but I also knew it would be more than worth it in the end.

Ninety-eight more days till Scout’s due date!

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