Friday, July 31, 2009

Week 22, and Pregnancy as a Thru-Hike

Today’s item on my day-by-day pregnancy calendar? “During the second trimester, moms feel less fatigue and more energy.”


I was sick this week. Round ligament stretching pain all day Tuesday and Wednesday, then very weak and shaky and nauseated all day yesterday. Today I feel better, but I’m maybe at 65% of where I should be for a second-trimester pregnant babe.

I’ve decided to make pregnancy more of an adventure and translate pregnancy weeks into Appalachian Trail miles. For example, going southbound, week 1 of pregnancy would last between Mt. Katahdin and Jo-Mary Road (in the 100-mile wilderness). Week 40 would start at Cold Springs Gap (NC) and end at Springer Mountain in Georgia.

I just finished Week 22 of pregnancy and am embarking upon Week 23. Following my AT logic, that puts me somewhere around Dick’s Dome Shelter, not too far south of the West Virginia/Virginia state line, and just a few miles north of Shenandoah National Park.

Part of me is thinking, “Wow! I’m already in Virginia!” Another part of me thinks, “So begins the long, 500-mile slog through Virginia.”

Just to give you an idea of where I am in my pregnancy, speaking in terms of southbound AT miles …

(map is from the AT Conservancy site)

Or, for a closer-up look (click on the map to make it bigger):

In pregnancy terms, I’m here (or, I should say, Scout is here):

Scout is 11 inches (head to toe) and just under a pound. The eyes have formed, and the pancreas is steadily developing. Scout’s developed his/her sense of touch and is kicking up a storm. He/She has also started growing taste buds. And, as always, Scout is growing, growing, growing.

Wow, I feel like I've begun a new kind of adventure already. I just hope Scout makes it all the way to Springer and doesn't decide to get off the trail (i.e., exit the womb) before he/she at least gets to Georgia. There's something neat about crossing that last state line.


Joan said...

too cute. I hope you will be feeling better soon!

Sherry said...

You could mark it with little sticky arrows on the AT rug!

Anonymous said...

I have my thru hike of the pacific crest trail coming up starting in April of this year. My husband and I are considering trying to conceive soon and I was wondering how far you made it on the AT with your pregnancy. I know this is an older blog, but hopefully you could give me some advice.

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