Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Waiting, Whining, Wonderful Wednesday


Days until I’m at the halfway point of my pregnancy: 2
Days until Hubster is home for good: 24
Days until my third trimester begins: 56 (a little less than two months)
Days until Scout’s due date: 142 (about five months, minus a few days)


Oh, my! Where do I start?

I wonder, would it be possible for me to limit my whining to Wednesdays only?

1. Fatigue. I am so tired! I thought the fatigue was supposed to end with the first trimester, but it hasn’t. I don’t have that “just-drank-Nyquil” feeling that I had during the first trimester, but I am definitely lost in a fog of fatigue.

2. I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry. I miss my Hubster so much I can barely stand it.

3. Subway—everything about it. I think I’m going to quit going there. Period. The last straw was the meatball sub I had today (for some reason, I was craving meatballs). It was full of gristle and/or bone. I nearly chipped a tooth. Finally threw it away after getting a couple more bits of gristle/bone. Yuck.

4. Non-friends. Specifically, I’m referring to Facebook “friends” who use their Facebook accounts as their method for political activism. I get so tired of being bombarded with their far-right and far-left announcements, all disguised as “status updates.” These are “friends” I will not feel guilty about de-friending.

5. Rude people. Specifically, people who tell me, “Well you sure don’t look pregnant!” I don’t know why this irritates me so much, but it does. The next person who tells me this is going to get kicked in the shin. So be warned.

OK, I guess I need some positive stuff to balance those whines out, don’t I.


1. Watermelon. I am so thankful to be pregnant during the summer, when no watermelon craving need ever go unfulfilled.

2. Lemonade

3. Hubster (I know, I sound like a broken record. But I just love this man so much.)

4. Franz Schubert

Those are my Wonderfuls for today. I’ll try to think of something a little more creative for Thursday.

Thoughtful Thursday?
Thankful Thursday?
Thunderous Thursday?
Thuggish Thursday?
Thirsty Thursday? (Ah, that one brings back some college memories!)

Any suggestions?


Magical Mystical Teacher said...

What happened to Thuggish Thursday? I was waiting for a threatening post! :-)

Anonymous said...

How about Through with Thursday! But I like Thankful Thursday. After all, that's the day Thanksgiving is on, and one of only four holidays that the government hasn't changed to a Monday. (Why Monday?? Why not Friday?)

Keep nurturing that little one, and don't get stressed. Scout is depending on you. Play more piano frantically, or peacefully, whichever is in your heart at the time. Don't eat any fast food, not even (or rather, especially) Subway. Those people are paid $6.15 an hour. They don't care about gristle in your meatballs. I still don't get Facebook, even though I'm getting all these emails now from people wanting me as friends, so maybe you can explain it to me someday.

Meanwhile, keep nourishing that tiny child inside you. Physically, mentally, and spirtually.

Sherry (I don't know why blogger isn't letting me post as my blogger name on your blog comments, but it is what it is.)

Waterfall said...

MMT: Nobody voted for Thuggish Thursday, so I didn't feel compelled to write anything thuggish. :)

Sherry: Are you signed into Google/Blogger when you try to leave the comment? Try being signed in before you com to my blog, and see if that makes a difference.

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