Today is the Day!

I have been waiting for this day for months now. When I first downloaded this particular pregnancy calendar, I highlighted the item that said, “Try talking to your baby. Baby can hear you.” So now, finally, Baby can hear me.

And what has Baby heard today?

Baby heard me talking sweetly to my cats. I fear the cats will be jealous in a few months when all my sweet talk is transferred to Scout.

Baby heard me expressing frustration that it took me 10 minutes to get out of the house this morning and that, once I left, I had to go back home to get my key card for work. So, congratulations, Baby. You’ve officially been exposed to negative talk a la Waterfall. I’ll try to do less of that from now on.

Baby heard me talking to his/her dad this morning. After listening to me for five months*, Scout should be a full-fledged fellow Hubster fan by the time he or she is born.

I do hope Scout can hear. My biological father has had hearing loss similar to mine since childhood, so my own deafness could very well have a genetic component. If Scout has hearing loss, I hope it’s at least somewhat correctable, like mine is, with hearing aids, and that he or she will someday be able to enjoy Bach.

Now Baby is probably listening to my cherry-bran muffin being digested in the stomach next door. It probably sounds like an earthquake.

I'm such an exciting mom. No, never a dull moment for my baby Scout!

*Scout is actually due in just under five months. Hard to believe that, in approximately 151 short days, our life will change forever.


Anonymous said…
Anonymous above (as well as here) is Sherry, who can't post yet again under my blogger name.
Anonymous said…
For some reason, I thought your hearing impairment was a side effect due to illness when you were a child.

I'm sure Scout hears you just fine! (Except for your negative talk, at which time Scout is happily sound asleep.)

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