Thursday, July 2, 2009

Scout's Modeling Career

(As you can probably tell from the title, this is another pregnancy post.)

Well, our little Scout’s modeling career began today. A nearby pregnancy center is training nurses to do ultrasounds, and the trainees need to do something like 75 ultrasounds as part of their training. Needless to say, they have been looking for “ultrasound models” – and are offering the ultrasounds free!

Originally I didn’t sign up. For one thing, I’m getting plenty enough ultrasounds already. For another, I didn’t want to take the slot of someone who might really want an extra ultrasound but can’t afford it. Then I learned that a lot of people haven’t been signing up, and that they really needed more models.

So I decided to let Scout be an ultrasound model. I went for the appointment today. Hubster met me there. It wasn’t quite the experience we would have with an experienced ultrasound technician, since the trainer was walking the trainee through everything, explaining things about measuring, how hard to press on the belly, etc. The pictures we got weren’t so great, either, but I guess we couldn’t expect them to be professional-quality.

Here are the stats I got:

- Scout’s heart rate was 164 bpm. Still in girl range, if you believe the heart rate myth.

- The ultrasound measured the gestational age to be 18 weeks, 6 days. Whoa! That’s a whole week older than Scout is. They told us that it probably wasn’t accurate, since gestational age determinations in the second and third trimesters weeks are not as accurate as the earlier determinations. Apparently, once the second trimester kicks in, so do genetics, and the baby may no longer follow the “rules” for how big or small it’s supposed to be at a given gestational age.

So, Scout is big for his/her age. For now.

Another nurse came in after we finished up and looked at the ultrasound data. “Eighteen weeks, six days!” she said, then looked at me. “Wow, you look small for having a baby that size.”

I growled inwardly.

While the ultrasound pictures aren’t great, there is one really cute one that shows Scout’s elbow. Scout’s model pose was of the classic “Baby in Womb, Sucking Thumb.”

I think Scout was actually asleep during the ultrasound. He/she was moving a little bit and hiccupped a few times, but he/she definitely wasn’t in the somersaulting mood he/she was in for the last ultrasound.

Or maybe he/she just knew that he/she was being a model, and was practicing being still so the camera could get a good shot.

Anyway, Scout's modeling career has officially begun. We may go back for another "modeling" experience in a couple of months, if the pregnancy center is still looking for volunteers.


Sherry said...

Oh my, you do talk a lot while you are pregnant!

Waterfall said...

But I've hardly said a word all day!

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