Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Piano Bench Finds Balance in Life

I thought this was kind of pretty.

We had a small Lowe's credit. Not big enough to make much of a difference, but enough that I had to spend only a few dollars on a $24 rug that (sort of) matches the George rug.

Sadly, you can see what a cheap rug-buyer I am. We bought the original George rug a year ago, and look how faded it already is.

So, the combination isn't beautiful. But it's not awful. And the two rugs seem to be the same thickness, which means no more slanty piano bench surface.

This makes George, the piano bench, and me very happy. My no-longer-aching back is happy, too.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Question? Could you have pulled the original rug out a little to balance the new piano bench? Or, is it balancing the piano legs?
Mrs. Gwen

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