Monday, July 27, 2009

Now I Need a Bigger Area Rug

This is maddening. I finally get a good piano bench, after wanting one for 10+ years, and now I need to get a bigger area rug so it'll fit.

I've been needing a bigger area rug for a year, but it didn't seem worth it to buy one, since I wanted to get the piano bench first.

The magazines seem to work, but they keep sliding out every time I shift the bench ever so slightly.

I might buy some kitchen mats for now. Area rugs are expensive, even at Wal-Mart and K-Mart.

Meanwhile, I'll hang out with Bach and one of his many kids.


Anonymous said...

Bach's baby . . . it looks sooo familiar, as though I knew it in another life . . .


Sherry said...

Well, I finally get my name here, but I can't C&P a cute Bach clip I received today. Sigh.

Waterfall said...

Yes, I think that baby is a veteran of two or three king cakes!

A.Campbell said...

Waterfall! You're still here? Sadly, I kind of forgot about you, I used to be a reader, but I stopped after you stopped posting frequently. Don't go away! Your an inspiration to a fellow runner and pianist. I'm excited for you and little Scout!