Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Van Now Has Character

I was driving home this morning to meet George's piano tuner. We have kind of a tricky driveway. It has two entrances. One is merely tricky; the other is very tricky. I always use the "merely tricky" entrance.

I don't know why, but I wasn't thinking today and used the very tricky entrance. And got tricked.

While navigating the tricky turn into my own driveway, my poor van made unfortunate acquaintance with the driveway's cement landscaping blocks.

The culprit:

The victim:

So, I guess my van has character now. Scout friends will forever know Scout's mom's car as "the van with all the scratches."

(Actually, considering the horrid noise it made when van met blocks, I was surprised that the scratches weren't any worse.)


Anonymous said...

Maybe you can turn it in on insurance?

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, by the time Scout has friends old enough to notice a small scratch on a van, you'll have retired it and will be in a newer vehicle. If not, just load them up on the other side and they'll never see it :)


jessica said...

If the scratch isn't bad, check at auto zone or one of those stores because sometimes they have scratch buffers that will remove light scratches. The real upside is that even if it doesn't work, they only cost about $5.

Waterfall said...

Sherry: I hope to be driving this thing for at least 10 years, but I'll need to start driving it more carefully than I did yesterday!

Jessica: I actually tried the scratch buffer on it yesterday. It helped for part of the scratch, but the majority of the scratch is too deep--which is too bad, because that stuff is a miracle cure, as far as I'm concerned. Hubster looked at it last night and said we're going to have to get the scratch painted over so it doesn't rust. Sigh.

Jammie J. said...

Why is it that anything involving a car hitting something always sounds just terrible?

Maybe a bottle of touch-up paint is in order?

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