Friday, July 10, 2009

Latest on Baby

Heh ... as if you, dear readers, needed a "Latest on Baby" post, just a few hours after I gave you one.

I went to the doc today for an ultrasound and my monthly checkup. I haven't had a chance to scan the ultrasound pictures, but I'll post them just as soon as I do. It may not be until Monday--sorry.

Scout wasn't moving much at first, and then he/she apparently woke up started wiggling and kicking and punching all over the place. Everything looks fine--Scout is the size he/she is supposed to be, and the heart rate was 147.

Speaking of wiggling and kicking and punching, I'm starting to feel tiny, fleeting little movements down in my belly. Nothing like kicks yet, but enough for me to know that, yep, there's definitely something in there.

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Anonymous said...

Definitely? I burst out laughing!


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