Belly Pic #1: 20 Weeks

Here I am with Scout at 20 weeks:

I feel like a huge pregnant woman. Everyone else says I have a "cute little belly." Maybe it'll seem like a "cute little belly" to me, too, once I'm in my ninth month and really am a huge pregnant woman.


Jammie J. said…
You look gorgeous! :) I can see why people would say you don't look pregnant, but I would probably say instead that you are carrying that baby really well. My mom and I were talking yesterday and she says she gets so sick of people always telling her "You're so skinny!" She says she'd like to ask them "compared to what?" hehe

You have no idea how very happy I am for you and your husband.
Sherry said…
A perfect pregnancy!
Linda said…
You ARE gorgeous.
jennifly5 said…
i love it!!! you are beautiful and i can't wait to meet lil scout*

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