Baby's Still There

I've been having scary dreams that Scout's heart has stopped beating, or that I have people over to visit Scout and they say things like, "Why would you think you had a baby? Why, you've never even been pregnant. Ha ha ha!"

So I called my doctor and said, "Please, please, please let me come in and hear the heartbeat. Just to make sure."

I think part of my worries has been that I still can't tell if I'm definitely feeling kicks, or if I'm just imagining things.

(I know, there's an issue there of trusting my own instincts and perceptions. I was taught not to trust them by a brainwasher-type back in 1991. Every now and then, that distrust comes cropping back up. We really should have sued the brainwasher when we could.)

So I went to the doctor today. They played the heartbeat. Scout was moving around like a little Scout should, and the heartbeat was 140. Whew. Perfectly normal.

What a relief. Scout's still in there, growing (and growing and growing), waiting to be born.


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