Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Reckless and Wanton Book-Buying ... Yes!

As a chronic book-buyer who ordered a book from amazon.com the other day and bought not one but two books from the local bookstore yesterday, plus went to the library and checked out the book I'd ordered from amazon.com because I couldn't wait three days to get it, I was delighted with Jollyblogger's latest title, "In Praise of Reckless and Wanton Book-Buying." Check it out here.


Joan said...

I love bookstores but avoid them b/c I spend to much. Now I first go to our library catalog online. If they don't have it, I buy used on Amazon.

Waterfall said...

Joan: I've gotten out of the used book habit and need to get back into it! We have a great little independent bookstore in town that has a used book section. I've bought a few books from there, but I generally end up drifting to the new book section anyway. :)

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