My Favorite Pundit is Delightful

My favorite pundit, Jay Nordlinger, published an "FAQs" article for his "Impromptus" column today. In it, he gives FAQs on how to find out more about Che Guevara (his is constantly pointing out the ridiculousness of people wearing "Che" t-shirts when they have no clue what a killer this man was), FAQs on breaking into journalism, and FAQs on how to learn about music. (He's also a music critic.)

The music FAQs ... hmm, that's a bit of a large task. He warned his dear readers not to write and tell him what he left out, since he was well aware of what he left out. I thought he did a magnificent job offering, in his always-charming writing style, a smattering of important listenings for the person who wants to learn more about music.

In case you missed the link above, you can find his "FAQs" here. And if you like his writing, you can find his Impromptus archive here. Unless you find his politics a barrier (a problem a lot of people have, I think), you'll find his writing delightful.

In addition to Jay's FAQs, I recommend The Teaching Company course, "How to Listen To and Understand Great Music," taught by Robert Greenberg. Actually, all of Greenberg's courses are good. I've written about him on this blog before. Here, for instance.

(I'll blog more about piano later. I've actually practiced every day this week--wonder of wonders!)

Anyway, it's been awhile since I've linked to either Jay or Mr. Greenberg on this blog, so I thought it was about time I did both. Enjoy!


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