Leapin' Froggies, I Picked Out the Baby Bedding!

Warning for Non-Moms: Another boring baby post ahead ...

On Day 3 of my Louisiana trip last week, my mom and I went to Babies R Us with the mission of finding baby bedding and (possibly) a glider rocker.

The available baby bedding selections didn't do much for me. I think part of it is because I'm not really in "baby mode." I was the same way when I first started shopping for wedding dresses back in 2003. Everything seemed so overdone, so frou-frou, so ... not me. It took several weeks of looking at bridal catalogs and trying on dresses before I really started to feel comfortable with the whole idea of a wedding dress.

So that's what's happening right now. All this cutesy little baby bedding, and I'm thinking, "So cutesy, so baby-ish, so ... not me." Of course it's cutesy and baby-ish. It is, after all, baby bedding. I just need to get used to the idea.

By the time we left Babies R Us, I felt pretty discouraged. None of the bedding, none of the baby furniture, none of the glider-rockers were doing it for me. But we did get stuff for Miss Ella. And Mrs. Gwen bought a couple of cute newborn outfits for Little Scout, which was very sweet of her.

The next stop was Cullen's Babyland. We almost didn't go because we were short on time, but we decided to go anyway, and I'm so glad we did! I found three or four bedding sets that I really liked and ended up deciding on one called Leap Froggie. It will look good in Scout's room, since we've already painted the walls pale yellow. Plus, it has turtles on it, and Scout's dad's trail name is Sheltowee, which is Shawnee for "Big Turtle." Very fitting, I think.

I couldn't believe all the girly, princess-y stuff they had. And the boy beddings were all about sports and camo patterns. Yuck. I'm kind of glad we don't know what Scout is going to be; otherwise, I might feel pressure from myself to buy either "girl" bedding or "boy" bedding.

I also found a glider/rocker that I liked, and that we're going to order from a store up here in NC. The Storytime Sona glider rocker has good neck support and is plenty big enough for a mom, a baby, and at least one cat ... but not so big that I get lost in it. It should be big enough for the Hubster, too.

I didn't find a crib I was particularly crazy about, but that's OK. I want Hubster to be with me when I pick one out anyway.

So we left Cullen's Babyland very happy. I also started a small registry there, mostly of Leap Froggie items.

Then I had a dream that someone gave me a giant baby shower at the Plaquemine Civic Center, and that every single person gave me Leap Froggie things, even things that aren't actually available--things like watches, dishes, glassware, towels, decorative soaps, t-shirts, beer mugs, etc. Pretty funny dream, actually. I kept opening presents, and it was all Leap Froggie, Leap Froggie, Leap Froggie.

That's about all the news on the pregnancy front. Oh, except that I nearly fainted this morning while I was in the shower. Luckily, I was able to get my bathrobe and my towel and make it to my bed before I totally fell over from the dizziness. It took about 10 minutes for me to feel normal again. Actually, I still feel weak from this morning's episode--even after making myself a big, yummy bowl of oatmeal with strawberries.

I hope Scout likes oatmeal and strawberries. And Leap Froggies. Because both are definitely in Scout's future.


Anonymous said…
Yikes! Make that WEREN'T nearly as cute!
Anonymous said…
How odd! Just Saturday, I bought my niece and nephew bathtub toys. One was a frog with two baby frogs, and the other was a duck with two baby ducks. I wanted to get the turtle with two baby turtles, but my niece wanted the ducks which wasn't nearly as cute.

Sherry (it's not letting me use my blogger account again)
Jammie J. said…
I'm so glad you found something you like... froggies are adorable. :)

I hope you feel better and that dizziness isn't part of your future. Yikes!

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