I Think The Hubster Loves Little Scout

Today was my 16-week appointment. It wasn't going to be a particularly eventful appointment, except for the now-routine Doppler treatment, where we get to hear Scout's heartbeat.

My exhausted, stressed-out, sleep-deprived Hubster drove an hour from camp so he could come to the appointment--just so he could hear Little Scout's heart beating. Then, after the 20-minute appointment was over, he drove the hour back to camp. Is that fatherly love or what?

I always thought my dad was the greatest dad ever, but the Hubster is already running a close second.

Scout's heart rate (for anyone who cares to know) was 150 beats per minute again today, and Scout was moving all over the place, making all kinds of noise.

Next ultrasound is in just under three weeks. Scout will be over six inches long (crown to rump) by then. I can't wait!


Joan said…
exciting. I'm fortunate. I have a great Dad and my husband is a great father as well.
Crawdaddy79 said…
I look forward to meeting Scout.

Not much more I can say.

Thanks for posting these updates, Nina!

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