Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Note: I've also posted this on my main blog, A Sort of Notebook. I'll probably be posting more to that blog instead of this one in the future.

I'm 15 weeks and 5 days pregnant and am happy to announce that I now have a noticeable baby bump.

It's not a big bump by any means, but it's noticeable. I'm relieved. I was starting to wonder if I was really pregnant. (Ha ha, that's a joke.)

(No. I am not posting pictures of my belly on this blog, or anywhere else.)

Today I started having shooting, knotty pains right behind my belly button, so I called my doctor to see what might be going on. I knew it wasn't the "round ligament stretching" that I've been hearing about, since that occurs more in the area of your ovaries. This was right smack behind my belly button.

So they told me to come in this afternoon, which I did. The doc said that the shooting pains are probably from stretching ligaments--just not the round ligaments I keep reading about. Instead, they're ligments behind the belly button.

Or, it could just be gas.

Oh, great. Maybe I just have a gas bump. Maybe I'm just pregnant with a big, stinky fart. Boy, wouldn't that be a disappointment when I finally went into labor!

No, it can't be a fart. Farts don't have heartbeats. And this baby definitely has a heartbeat.

Oh, did I forget to mention it? They checked Scout's heart rate again today! The doc found it immediately. I was shocked that he found it so fast. "Well, the baby's getting bigger," he said. Yeah, I guess so.

Anyway, Scout's heart rate is now 150--quite a bit lower than at the first ultrasound, when it was nearly 180. Then at ten weeks, it was closer to 170. At twelve weeks, it was about 164. And now it's 150. If you follow the old wives' tale about heart rate being a predictor of the baby's sex, Scout started out as a very girly girl, but is progressing rapidly toward "could be either a boy or a girl."

Maybe Scout will be a tomboy of a girl, just like her mommy was.

My next scheduled appointment is next week. It will be interesting to see if the heart rate is any lower. Either way, it would probably be safe to go ahead and buy Scout his/her first baseball glove.

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