15 Weeks Today

Happy Birthday, Pregnancy! You are fifteen weeks old today. And you, Scout, have been in existence for about 13 weeks. You’re now about the size of an apple, and you can sense light. I wonder if you can sense my cat, Hideaway, sitting on you every night, purring her little heart out with joy because she knows I’m going to have a kitten.

Fifteen weeks. That doesn’t really seem like such a long time. I feel like I’ve been pregnant forever. But it’s only been 105 days. Ah. One hundred and five. For some reason, that sounds longer than 15 weeks.

Here’s an approximation of what Scout looks like this week, taken from BabyCenter.com:

As you can see, this picture is not very representational, as the mother’s butt is just at small and smooth as ever. I, on the other hand, am sadly watching my pre-pregnancy, half-marathon training butt lose itself in a sea of non-muscle.

I would love to exercise more. I really would. I am doing my best. And if you know me at all, you know I’m no slacker when it comes to exercising. Here are my workouts for the last week:

- Monday: Walked two miles! Yay! Was going to do pregnancy yoga when I got home, but I was too exhausted.

- Tuesday: Walked one mile. After the first half-mile, I felt like I was going to pee all over myself. I made it the whole mile, then went home (about a five-minute drive) to pee. I wanted to go back and walk some more, but I was too exhausted.

- Wednesday: Went to the fitness center and walked on the treadmill. Went a whole mile and a half. Only had to stop once to pee mid-walk. I wanted to do some weight training afterward, but my legs were cramping pretty badly, plus I was exhausted.

- Thursday: Went to the track, ready to put in at least two miles. After a quarter-mile, I found myself in such pain from leg cramps that I could barely walk at all. I stopped numerous times to stretch my legs—they were hurting in my calves and in whatever muscle connects my back upper thigh with my butt, particularly in my left leg. I forced myself to hobble one more quarter-mile, but I was almost in tears by the time I finished. So I went a half-mile, total. I thought, “Maybe I can do some pregnancy yoga when I get home,” but the cramping continued throughout the night. Plus, I was exhausted.

This will not cut it. I get exhausted and out of breath walking up the ramp from the parking lot to get to work. Walking two miles, when I manage to do it, just about kills me. How am I supposed to stay in shape when I don’t even have the energy to exercise?

It’s very frustrating, not to mention depressing. I think lack of exercise could be part of the funk--musical and otherwise--I've been in all week. When I can’t get my exercise in, the endorphins abandon me and I get depressed. So it’s been a tough week. I’m hoping Week 15 will be better.


Joan said…
My cats loved sitting on me when I was pregnant. It got too be a little much near the end.
Crawdaddy79 said…
If you wear Depends undergarments, that would eliminate at least one of your frustrations.
Jammie J. said…
Yikes. Between peeing and leg cramps, it doesn't sound like exercising has the pre-pregnancy joy it used to bring you. Yeah, those endorphins are important to mood.

Huh. Can you do the pregnancy yoga first? Or maybe just do the yoga... or even alternate days, yoga and walking? That way your muscles are getting stretched/toned? I dunno, just a thought.

Sherry said…
I was very lucky while pregnant with you. I had the luxury of being in a materinity home, where everything was done for me. My chores were dusting each morning and transcribing medical tapes for a couple of hours in the afternoon. Other than that, I didn't have to do a thing except relax.

Of course, when I was pregnant with Jonathan, it was an entirely different scenario. Same with Rebecca. I had a full-time job, but fortunately, it wasn't very demanding and I could escape to a room on another floor which had a hospital bed (the "infirmary" where I took a nap every afternoon. Of course I was in my late twenties when I became pregnant with them, so it's an completely different scenario with you. Hang in there! If there's anything I can do to help, just let me know.
Sherry said…
My last post was fraught with typos, please accept my apologies.
Anonymous said…
Hey, It's Jan, You've been on my mind and I was wondering how you were doing, so I stopped by to check in and say hello. Sounds like being a mom is already exhausting! If it's any consiolation, you've exercised twice what I've done this week.
I hope you go easy on yourself on bad days, homones do wacky things to us and our heads. Just eat your broccoli girlfriend, and keep wry-chuckling with a headshake or two despite the hormonal insanity. (Just remember, this will be a cakewalk compared to teenagehood, but then you can turn she/he over to Dan with a pleasant "You're turn to carry the baby!) ;-) Hugs to you and Dan, editoress! Jan

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