The "Old Wise Tail"

Heh … on a baby forum I’m on, they were talking about heart rates and how a fast heart rate for the baby is supposed to mean it’s a girl, and a slow heart rate is supposed to mean it’s a boy. Normal range is 120-180.

Well, at the ultrasound, the heart rate was in the 170s. It was in the 160s when I heard the heartbeat the other day. So, according to the “old wise tail,” I’m going to have a girl.

Of course, it is an “old wise tail,” one that has been scientifically disproven (though my friend Lori said it held true on all of her kids) so who knows.

I don't think anyone will know, except maybe our sonographer, until the day Scout makes his or her debut into the world.


This is very interesting. I wonder how many people actually know about this. My best friends are having a baby and they don't know if it's a boy or girl...I wonder if the doctor tells people this.
Stephanie McManus said…
This is just that... "an old wise tail" It has not held true for any child I know. Aidyn's rate would change each visit and this baby's is the same way. We started in the 150's, then 170's, then 160's, now back to 150's. Don't get your hopes up!

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