That "Natural Glow"

People are telling me I have a baby bump. They are lying, or blind, or victims of wishful thinking. I do not have a baby bump. I have baby bloat, and perhaps a bit of constipation-related doo-doo bump, but no baby bump. Not yet, anyway. Give me a few more days. Or weeks.

This weekend, people were telling me I was glowing. I was not. I joked that the "glow" was actually the cold sweat of nausea. But I think the glow was actually due to the miraculous powers of Jergens Natural Glow Lotion for Fair Skin Tones.

So there. Now you know the secret to my arresting beauty. I'm a fake tanner, at least during the summer ... though, in all honesty, I don't think the word "tan" would ever describe my skin tone--even if I slathered my bod with Jergen's Natural Glow twice a day, every day. I'm happy if it turns anything darker than shocking white.

So, my daily pregnancy calendar says that, today, "Your baby's face is well-formed." I wonder what Scout will look like. I'm imagining a bald, blue-eyed baby in dire need of Jergen's Natural Glow. (Just kidding about the Natural Glow bit. But I bet little Scout will be fair, considering the throng of pasty-white genes crowded onto its tiny chromosomes.)

Whatever Scout looks like, I hope he/she has his/her Daddy's smile. Sheltowee has the sweetest smile in the whole world.

P.S. Oops, I almost forgot ... here is a picture of me with Baby Ella, showing off my "natural glow."


Krismeister said…
You look absolutely gorgeous in this picture! The picture of health and happiness!

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