Scout, I Think You're Going to be a Human!

Wow. One day after you became a duck, Scout, I read this in my daily pregnancy calendar:

9 weeks 6 days
Thursday, May 07
"Your baby very clearly looks like a baby now."

No more reptiles, no more amphibians, no more birds. Scout, you have now graduated to bona-fide mammal. You look something like this:

Whoa ... I just realized something. Just realized it, right now as I'm writing this.

I feel closest to Scout when I'm writing on this blog. When I'm not writing, I just feel kind of displaced, not myself, but some tired, cranky, bloated person who's going to birth a baby sometime in the distant future.

But right now, when I'm addressing Scout, saying silly things like, "Now you're a duck!", I'm aware of the reality that Scout is a real, live person.

I wonder ... is this because I'm a born writer, or is it because my primarily interaction with people is through electronic/social media such as e-mail, Facebook, blogs, etc.?

I know. It's because I'm a writer. And once again, writing helps to make things real.


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