Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Head is a Grease Pot

All the pregnancy books say that your hair may change when you’re pregnant. It’s likely to become thicker, since it falls out at a much slower rate (but then it makes up for it later by falling out in record amounts post-partum). They say it’s not a good idea to color or perm your pregnant hair, since it could possible respond differently than expected to the chemicals. Then they say things like, “Fine hair may become thick. Thick hair may become fine. Curly hair may become straight. Straight hair may become curly. Oily hair may become dry. Dry hair may become oily.”

Well, guess what my dry hair has done.

It’s turned into a grease pot. It looks fine when I leave in the morning. Then, when I go to the bathroom mid-morning and look in the mirror while I wash my hands, I notice that the strands at my scalp are darker, and seem to be sticking together. I look like I’ve rubbed a big dollop of Brylcreem into my scalp.

YUCK. "The look" might work for a 50's kinda guy, but it doesn't work for me.

Guess it’s time to go buy me some shampoo for oily hair. I don’t think I’ve ever done that before.

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Miz Delphi Chassis said...

My hair never got thick, but it stopped falling out. It stopped growing alltogether. In fact, all the hair on my body stopped growing. I shaved my legs a week before I went into labor & didn't have to shave them again until the Belchigator was about 3 months old. Of course, since then, I've been stopping up the tub with my hair every time I take a shower. :)

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