Hubster's Friend's Psychic

Hubster has a Facebook friend, actually a friend from high school whom he hasn't be in touch with since high school.

Well, this Facebook friend has a psychic. She went to her psychic for a reading the other day. Here's what the psychic said, out of the blue:

"Who's Dan? He's going to have a baby girl."

(For those who don't know, Hubster's real name is Dan. But I only call him that if I'm really mad at him. Which is such a rare occasion that I'm surprised I even remember his name at all.)

So many people have been guessing what Scout's going to be. Some say they know, without a doubt, that Scout will be a boy. (How can you know that?) Others just know, without a doubt, that Scout will be a girl. There is brazen confidence on both sides.

I ought to set up a betting pool. One where I win, no matter what.


Crawdaddy79 said…
Honestly, I can picture you with a son or a daughter equally clear... But I'll go with the psychic for now because that story is pretty cool.
Joan said…
We didn't want to know the sex of our children. I didn't guess right with them and usually wrong about most other expectant moms.
Jammie J. said…
Yep, you should totally do the betting thing. :)

My SIL was pregnant with her 2nd child, but she hadn't told anyone in her mommy group. At a gathering, one of the women who claimed to be quite practiced at the string gender prediction method offered her "services" to another woman in the mommy group who had "come out" as pregnant. She predicted a girl and then, as evidence of it's accuracy, held the string over my SIL's stomach and it stayed perfectly still. Evidence of non-pregnancy... except she was pregnant and delivered a healthy baby boy right on schedule.

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