Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Week 10, Scout!

Today I begin my tenth week of pregnancy. Which means Scout was conceived, oh, about eight weeks ago.

Congratulations, Scout. You've made big strides this week, from reptile to duck to human. And today you officially graduate from embryo to fetus. Here's what you look like right now. As shown by my added label, the "mother" in this picture is does not correspond to what I look like right now.

One thing I was thinking about last night: Little Scout is going to bring Sheltowee and me together like nothing else can. I mean, Sheltowee and I are already close (or course), and the bond of love is stronger than ever. But Scout ... Scout will be a living, breathing bond. A mix of me and Sheltowee. A tangible, visible, living, breathing result of our love for each other. It's pretty amazing to think of it.

Here's something funny ... Several people have asked me if we're really planning to name the child "Scout," regardless of its sex. I have to explain that, no, Scout is the baby's "in-the-womb" nickname, just like "Lima Bea" was Ella's in-the-womb nickname. (At least, it's what I called her.) I can't imagine referring to Ella as "Lima Bea" now, and I probably won't be able to imagine calling young Scout ... or Water-Wee, for that matter, by its "in-the-womb" nickname, either.

Another funny thing: People ask me if I like being pregnant. Do they not see the look of nausea on my face? The dark circles under my eyes?

And one last funny thing: No one who has ever been pregnant has asked me that previous question. :)


Megan Monk said...

Whose but is that smooth? (unless they have had some sort of expensive treatment or something!)...Love you! Thank you for all the help today, gifts and pictures for Ella's room! I am excited to figure out the arrangement! :)

Miz Delphi Chassis said...

No, we don't ask that question in the first trimester. We'll ask you that question when you're in the high of the second trimester, when you're feeling like you could thru-hike the AT, and showing off that cute little bump. We will then cease asking you that once you hit month 7.5, can't waddle to the restroom without having to stop to catch your breath and make people wonder if the weight limit has been exceeded every time you step onto an elevator.

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