Happy Today

Today is the last day of my first trimester. If Scout and I survive through tomorrow morning, we'll have crossed a major goal in the world of pregnancy. Scout's chances of surviving to term will skyrocket. My chances of not pulling my hair out or beating my head against a brick wall will also skyrocket.

I've actually already started to feel somewhat normal again. I even ran a mile yesterday. A whole mile! Not the 5, 6, or 7 I used to run on Wednesday nights, but I take what I can get. It's a miracle that I had the energy. For the last 6 weeks, I've barely had the energy to put one foot in front of the other, especially after work. Yesterday? I was raring to go. And if my bladder hadn't prevented me, I probably would have run a little farther.

Overall, I'm thankful that the bladder prevented my running farther yesterday. By doing that, it prevented me from pushing myself too hard--something I did not need to do on a warm day like yesterday.

I don't like to include the words "push" and "bladder" in the same sentence. Not sure why.

So anyway, I'm celebrating today. Tomorrow will be the first day of my second trimester. I'm starting to show, just ever so slightly. I still don't look "pregnant," but I can definitely tell the difference.

(My mom would be so proud--now that my belly is just a little too big for my jeans, I'm having to wear cute clothes every day--little sundresses, skirts and blouses, etc.--because those are a bit more forgiving to the expanding belly.)

So, dear readers, this isn't much of an update, but I felt compelled to write something on this most wonderful of days. It feels like graduation day. To my first trimester, I say goodbye and good riddance.


Joan said…
I love hearing about all this. Glad it's you and not me!
B said…
Oh, congrats on your milestone! And, really, Ferriday? I have to know what in the world you were doing there and on the Camino, no less? Small, small world... :-) Blessings to you and little Scout. B.
Jammie J. said…
Way to go -- crossing the finish line of the first trimester AND getting a little exercise in! :)

Of course, making a placenta is quite a bit of work. No surprise you were tired! :)

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