The Cutest ... for Six More Months

I joked with Miss Ella that her reign as World's Cutest Baby will end in approximately six months.

Scout had better be really cute in order to out-cute Miss Ella, though.

More pictures at my sister's blog, here.


Megan Monk said…
She will be one by then... the cutest 1 year old and Scout can be the cutest baby! :)
Jammie J. said…
Oh Lord, look at those baby rolls! :D
Stephanie McManus said…
I cannot get over how much she and Aidyn look alike!

PS-I like Megan's idea... cause Aidyn is the cutest 2 year old around... however, we may have to fight for the cutest baby title :-) LOL... maybe we can break it up by months instead of years if they're under 1 year old.

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