Welcome, Carla!

Oh, my. This blog now has four whole readers: Li'l Mu, Mrs. Gwen, Sheltowee, and now Carla. Yes, I told Carla about little Scout this morning on the way to the coffee shop. She is happy for me, and I'm glad young Scout could bring a smile to her face!

Welcome to the blog, Carla!

(P.S. This blog should have five readers, but I took Mr. Hugh's name off the list of "permitted" readers. I simply don't want my father reading about sore boobage and middle-of-the-night pee emergencies.)


NYBBC said…
Thank you for the welcome! As sad as everything going on is, I was delighted with the way you told me about little Scout!

Ella's cousin! Indeed and well loved by all. I couldn't be more exicted for you and Dan and the rest of your family. You're going to be a great mom! You already are a great friend.

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