Sunday Morning, Almost Six Weeks Pregnant

Ohh, these symptoms!

I took a two-hour nap yesterday. Two hours! I am not a nap-taker. Never have been. But it looks like I am now. My husband is thrilled. He believes that now, on some level, I finally understand him. (He, like the cats, is a chronic napper.)

Before I took my nap, I read some of the Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy. I was terrified to read that a folic acid deficiency, particularly in the first weeks of pregnancy, can cause spina bifida. I panicked. I didn't start taking prenatal vitamins until Week 4! Oh, horrors!

Then I read about some of the good sources of folic acid out there, aside from prenatal vitamins. And I was relieved. Other sources include broccoli, asparagus, leafy green vegetables, beans, and bananas--not to mention multivitamins, which I take every day (I've since replaced my One-A-Day-Plus-Iron with the prenatal vitamins). Whew! So I probably was getting plenty of folic acid before. Such a relief.

It was kind of amusing to read the section of the Mayo Clinic book on nutrition. It said something like, "You may need to change some of your eating habits now that you are pregnant." Then it basically said to eat lots of fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and whole grains.

Which means I hardly need to change a thing.

I do need to eat more, though, particularly if I'm going to keep running every day. The recommended daily calorie intake is something like 1,800-2,300. That's a lot of food. I usually have about 1,500 calories a day, maybe a few more during high-mileage weeks.

This morning I had a banana-yogurt-pomegranate juice smoothie (as usual) and a piece of whole-grain toast with some Smart Balance spread. I am stuffed.

I also learned that Scout is about the size of the tip end of a ball-point pen. It's really amazing that something that small is wreaking such havoc on my body--that something that small would take so much energy that I have to take long naps and eat a gazillion more calories than usual.

Pregnancy is weird.


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