Some Thoughts As I Approach Week 9 of Pregnancy

Can you believe it? I can't. I'll enter Week 9 of pregnancy this week. We (Sheltowee, Scout, and I) go to the doctor on Wednesday morning to have our first ultrasound and (hopefully) hear little Scout's heartbeat for the first time.

Things are still feeling surreal, but I'm definitely feeling pregnant. My boobs are killing me. Sharp, burning, stabbing pains strike unexpectedly at all hours of the day and night. There is some serious milk-factory construction going on in there. They're painful to the touch. Running, my favorite form of exercise, is out of the question. Even walking hurts. I've signed up for swimming lessons at the fitness center, and I'm going to be spending a lot more time on the stationary bike. Anything to keep from jostling the girls.

The morning sickness didn't go away during vacation, but I didn't focus on it so much. I've found that the "cure" is solid food. It's a challenge because the last thing I want is solid food ... but I always feel better if I eat. And I nibbled quite a bit on our three-day hike through Dolly Sods--mostly the usual hiker fare (gorp, string cheese, beef jerky, dried fruit, etc.).

I did worry a bit about Scout on the trip. I got a little concerned after I took a fall and did a face-plant in a pile of rocks.

The bleeding wasn't too bad, but I'm sure my blood pressure shot up for a while.

Then there was the river crossing in water that must have been 52 degrees or so. Cold enough that the old legs went numb after a few seconds.

Since the water didn't reach my waist, I wasn't too worried ... but again, the blood pressure might have changed quickly, which I guess wouldn't be good for Scout.

Of course, if we're going to train Scout to be a hiker, we might as well start him early.

Hiking while two months pregnant was a challenge. I was concerned about the pack straps hurting my boobs, but that wasn't a problem. There were a few problems, though:

- fatigue
- having to stop and pee every 20 minutes
- having to make sure I stayed well-hydrated, even though this meant having to stop and pee every 20 minutes.
- being concerned about falling to my death during rock scrambles (This isn't something I generally worry about. But now that I'm carrying a baby, the attitude has changed a bit.)

Fortunately, Sheltowee had picked a trail that had plenty of fresh, flowing water. If he hadn't, I would have been in trouble.

My eating habits have gone to pot. So much for Little Miss Healthy-Eating Waterfall. My foods of choice lately are potato chips (mmm, salt!), ginger ale (mmm, stomach-soothing carbonation!), and M&Ms (mmm, chocolate!). Chicken kind of grosses me out, but I've been eating it anyway.

In fact, I've been eating a lot of protein, mostly in the form of nuts and meats. A big reason for this is that we were in rural West Virginia, and rural West Virginia isn't quite Asheville when it comes to offering good vegetarian fare in restaurants. Unfortunately, seafood is the only meat that doesn't seem to set off the gag reflex. So I had quite a bit of salmon, tilapia, and ... shrimp. (I generally don't order shrimp from inland restaurants, but I really wanted shrimp.)

We also hit a few fast-food joints while driving to and from places, so I had a few cheeseburgers as well. I start to feel yucky and sluggish if I have too much meat, so I'm going to be cutting back to just having it several times a week, rather than every day as I did on vacation.

My, but this has been a rambling post. I'm going to end it now. Maybe the next post will be a bit more to the point.


Don't beat yourself up about what you eat in the first trimester. Whatever you can get down and keep down is most important. You can eat better when you feel better -- at around week 15.

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