The Secret of Scout

Scout is definitely on the way. My boobs hurt, and I'm exhausted.

Sheltowee is dying to tell everyone. I think it's making him crazy not to be able to share the news with John G. Young, Pat Duggan, and the rest of his buddies. I want to wait, though. If little Scout miscarries, I don't want to have to remember everyone we told, then call them up and tell them about the miscarriage, then have to deal with the awkwardness on both sides.

Better that we just wait. I told Sheltowee we can start telling people after the first sonogram, around May 1.

The first sonogram is actually going to be April 29 at 10:30 a.m.

Ha. I just got off the phone with Sheltowee. He about bit his tongue in half, but he managed to keep mum when talking to his friends Eddie, Dodger, and Justin.

Maybe I'll let him tell people earlier. It's hard to keep a secret. It's easier for me, I think--Scout is my little secret, and I'm kind of enjoying this time when very few people know. I guess that is the introvert in my personality.

We're going to keep it a secret for just a little longer. Hopefully, we'll be able to last the entire month. It will be a challenge, especially for poor Sheltowee. I was reading The Girlfriends' Guide to Pregnancy last night and it said that men take a certain amount of pride in their potency, and in their woman's fertility. In a big way, they relish telling other men, "I impregnated my woman."

My potent, studly Sheltowee. Mmm, mmm, mmm. Let's see if he's as good at keeping secrets as he is at ... well, other things.


Megan Monk said…
Secrets are very hard to keep. Isn't that book, The Girlfriends Guide, funny? I always read it when I needed a light moment with good information. I enjoyed reading your Scout blog so far. Parts of it made me cry... especially seeing you sign, Mommy. You are a great mom already! :) Love you, Mu and Mini Mu (By the way I liked Stephen's name for Scout too - Micro Lu)
NYBBC said…
Mommy fits you so well! Scout Micro Lu has an awesome mom and dad.

And it appears that not only Sheltowee has problems keeping secrets :)

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