Plan C

Hubster and I have changed our vacation plans three times now. Originally, we were going to hike the 178-mile Alabama Pinhoti Trail in eleven days. No problem.

Then it turns out we absolutely must be back home by April 29.

Hmm. We're flexible, so we changed our plans to the Foothills Trail, which runs along part of the NC/SC line. We would be backing for seven days straight, probably with no stopping halfway through for resupply.

Well ... it's a long story, and I won't go into it right now, but we've had to reconsider those plans.

So we're going to the Monongahela National Forest in West Virginia instead.

We have several big reasons for going here:

- It's Hubster's favorite place on earth, and he has been talking about showing me this place ever since we first fell in love.

- We had planned to go backpacking here for our honeymoon, but a sudden, unexpected death in the family (Hubster's mom) cut our honeymoon short and we never got to go.

- We'll be able to hike for several days, spend a couple of days being spoiled in a B&B and doing some day hikes (or cave-exploring), and then hike for several more days.

We'll be back in time for April 29. We'll actually be back in time for the weekend, so Hubster will be able to go to a pow-wow thing for his job that he would really like to go to. I might actually go with him.

So, for now, it looks like we'll be going to West Virginny for our first big vacation since going to Portland in 2004.


Sherry said…
I vote for WV! You need a break, and a B&B and day hikes sounds wonderful.
Waterfall said…
Too late to vote! WV has already been declared the winner, evidenced by our required-one-night-deposit reservation at a B&B. The Hubster is so excited. :)

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