Patterns at Six Weeks

I seem to have established some first-trimester patterns.

When I wake up, I feel queasy. That’s pretty normal. I can eat cereal, but I have no desire whatsoever to do so. I think this is a pregnancy thing because I love cereal (specifically, Kashi’s Cinnamon Harvest) in the morning.

I want smoothies, so that’s what I eat first thing. This morning it consisted of Vitamin C-fortified orange juice, vanilla yogurt, a banana, and a handful of strawberries. Yesterday it was pomegranate juice, vanilla yogurt, a banana, and some almonds. Some days I add pineapple or kiwi. Some days I add broccoli.

So I have my smoothie, and then I take my prenatal vitamin and calcium pill with water. I feel sick the whole time. No throwing up—just sick-feeling.

I feel sick in the shower. I feel sick after I get out. I feel sick until about noon. Then I stop feeling sick. I guess that’s why they call it morning sickness. Brilliant. I hear that morning sickness can last all day, but so far, for me, it’s mostly been limited to the morning.

Whenever I stand up, I get woozy and lightheaded and see gray spots. Generally, this happens to me only if I’m not eating enough. I’m eating my 2,000 calories a day like a good little pregnant woman, and I’m still seeing spots when I stand up.

I’m hungry all day. I keep a ready supply of apples, bananas, pears, grapes, and yogurt—plus a few multi-grain saltines—at work. Before I run in the evening (about an hour before I run), I’ll have something carb-y, like a couple of pieces of whole-grain toast. After my run, I scarf down a giant mix of meat, veggies, and carbs. Last night it was stir-fried chicken. Tonight it will be chicken, steamed veggies, and pasta.

It blows me away that I haven’t craved chocolate, coffee, or wine in weeks. I’m spending $4 a day on decaf Americanos (Americani?), but I’m drinking maybe three sips of them. It’s not that they’re making me sick, or that I don’t like them. I simply don’t want them. Maybe I should quit buying them and start saving money for … oh, I don’t know. Scout’s education or something.

The fatigue hits around 2:00. Oh, I guess it would be accurate to say that the fatigue is always there, but it really hits around 2:00 in the afternoon. From 2 to 6, it’s a struggle to stay awake, much less be productive at work. This is the main reason I told my boss about Scout. If she catches me sleeping at work, I want her to know in advance that I have a good excuse.

It’s 9:22 a.m., and I feel like the fatigue has already hit. Or maybe it just hasn’t worn off from when I woke up this morning. Maybe I need to go home and take a nap. I would seriously consider that if I didn’t have a dentist appointment scheduled for this afternoon.

Have I mentioned lately that my boobs are killing me? No? Well, now you know.


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