Not an Octomom!

Good news, everyone!

Scout is a singlet. Or a single. Or a singleton. But not a simpleton. Whatever it means when there's only one baby and no twins, triplets, or more.

This means I won't be an octomom! Yay! No octomoms in our family!!

Scout is 1.99 mm from head to rump and has a heartbeat of 172 beats per minute. How sweet is that? The official due date is now December 4.

Which means I have to stay home from tax season. Oh, the pain.

Mu and Sheltowee were with me for the ultrasound. I was so happy to have both of them there--they're two of the most important people in my life, and they'll definitely be two of the most important people in Scout's life.

I have so much to write, but I'm at work and don't want to get all weepy, so I'll write more later. Just wanted to let the world know that the ultrasound went fine, and that Scout looks healthy.


Megan Monk said…
Yeah for healthy babies! :) It meant sooo much to me to be there! How did people at work respond?

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