Morning Pee & Other Symptoms

There's nothing quite like waking up at 3 a.m., feeling like you're going to pee all over yourself if you don't get to the bathroom RIGHT NOW. I'm told that this is a pregnancy symptom; otherwise, I would never have shared it on this blog.

Speaking of pregnancy symptoms, I'm a little scared about morning sickness and becoming intolerant of certain smells. I hear that these are two very common symptoms that start somewhere around Week 6. My Week 6 starts Monday.

Actually, my stomach has felt a little fluttery for a few days already. Yes, fluttery. The best way I can describe it is "that butterflies-in-the-stomach" feeling. It feels like that all day. I was thinking it was because I just felt bad -- fatigue and headaches mixed with profound grief. Plus the whole disbelief/excitement thing about Scout. I would say my body is going through a lot.

But perhaps the fluttering is a pregnancy symptom after all. Perhaps it's a foreshadowing of the sickness to come.

Then again, some women don't get morning sickness and still have perfectly normal pregnancies.

The other symptom is that of being olfactorily intolerant. Suddenly, certain smells are going to make me gag. Maybe it'll be the smell of coffee (which would be a tragedy, since I would have to avoid my office altogether). Some say the smell of eggs cooking becomes disgusting. Well, according to me, the smell of eggs cooking is already gag-worthily disgusting. So maybe it will be come even more disgusting. Oh, joy.

Then again, maybe this will be one of those symptoms that graciously pass me over.

I hope this peeing thing was just a result of drinking a gallon of water before going to bed last night, even though I did no such thing. I am a through-the-night sleeper, have been ever since I hit my mid-30s. Maybe this is practice for what I'll experience come December.

My other symptoms, of course, are fatigue and sore boobage. The fatigue feels like a NyQuil-induced coma is coming upon me. The sore boobage feels like ... oh, I don't know. A little like "the girls" are all bruised up.

I just tell myself: These symptoms mean I'm pregnant. In other words, they mean I'm not having an "m/c." If the symptoms stop, well ... then that is something to worry about.


Megan Monk said…
Try working in a classroom where you can't pee when you want to.... :) That was a lot of fun while pregnant!
For my first trimester, Paul had to cook on the grill outside because I couldn't stand the smell of anything. AND, my school smelled like McDonald's hotcakes and syrup every morning, which made me gag instantly. It totally sucked.

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