Mary Couey Comments

Comments to the posts on Mary Couey are continuing to come in. I'm humbled at how many of Mary's friends and family--most of whom I've never met--have found this blog and left comments here.

If you knew Mary and would like to leave a comment under any of these posts (or under this one), feel free. I know it has meant a lot to Mary's family, and to her friends here, to read about how precious Mary was to so many people.

As for me, I've been amazed at how often Mary has come to mind over the last few weeks. Last week in particular, when Dan and I were backpacking in the Monongahela National Forest, taking in the views, and admiring the wildflowers and lichens along the trail, I sometimes wondered if Mary was right there with me, enjoying the hike, sharing the wonder. It made for some sad moments, but I was also more thankful than ever to have the opportunity to remember, honor, and celebrate Mary's life by doing things she loved to do.

So ... go take a hike, people. :-) And please feel free to continue leaving comments, even on posts that are now several weeks old. I don't always have a chance to respond to comments, but I check them regularly, as do many others who knew and loved Mary.


Jammie J. said…
Sounds like your hike was in some ways inadvertently a tribute to Mary... that's lovely.

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