Gear List

Oh, the joy of gear lists! Call me obsessive, but I need to make a gear checklist whenever I pack for a trip. The few times I've thought, "Oh, I've done this a million times; I don't need a dumb ol', stupid ol' checklist," I've ended up forgetting important things.

So I do the checklist.

Here are a few items I'll be taking on our trip to West Virginia:


I don't know if they still make this one. I bought mine in 2005 and have used it on day hikes, but never on overnighters. Why? Because I love my Gregory Reality so much. But I'm feeling wild, crazy, and adventurous, so I'm going with the G-pack this time.

UPDATE: The G-Pack worked great! I've been spoiled with my old pack, which has a way to get into the main part of the pack from the front. I couldn't do that with this one. But it was very comfortable, and I'll definitely be using it on future trips.


This sleeping bag is rated at 20 degrees Fahrenheit. I've had it for about ten years and still love it as much as I ever did. I guess I'll eventually need to get a new one ... but I don't feel the need to anytime soon. Good thing, since it costs over $300. (It's worth every penny, though!)

UPDATE: This bag kept me warm and dry despite a cold, windy rainstorm in which our tent zipper broke.


I have always loved Merrell boots. I had a blue-and-purple pair in college (back in the 20th century) that I wore all the time. I hiked about 800 miles of the AT in a pair. And now, after about 10 years, I'm back to wearing Merrells. (BTW, I'll be wearing two boots, not one, as possibly implied by the single boot in the picture above.)

UPDATE: My boots are now so muddied up that they're unrecognizable. They worked beautifully. I had no blisters or rubbing, and I never stopped to think that I was wearing new boots. The trail in places was very wet and muddy, and the Gore Tex lining kept my feet dry.

I did have one complaint, though: The shoestrings wouldn't stay tied, even when I double-knotted them.


If misplaced, my Z-rest wouldn't be nearly as easy to find as the one pictured here. Mine is green, and I've cut it down to size, so that it's just long enough to support my shoulders and hipbones.

UPDATE: I love my Z-rest, but after this trip, I realize that I need a new one. My current one is several years old and isn't quite as cushy as it once was.


My titanium pot is pretty banged up after 10 years of use, but it's just as good as ever. I love this thing.

UPDATE: No complaints. This pot worked as beautifully as ever.


My stove is similar to this one. It weighs about an ounce.


I really hate carrying a water filter. I'm sure there are better, more modern products out there, but I've been using this stuff for about five years and it works fine for me. No iodiney aftertaste, either.

UPDATE: Worked like a charm.


OK, so this stuff isn't called "Compeed" anymore, but it used to be. Now it's something like "Band-Aid Blister Treatment." I swear by this stuff.

I'm also going to take along some BodyGlide. If this stuff is able to prevent blisters, then maybe I won't need Compeed.

Then again, maybe these new Merrells won't cause me any blisters at all. Won't that be nice!

UPDATE: I didn't have to use the Compeed or the BodyGlide! The Merrells were perfect. No breaking-in required. Woo hoo!

Happy Hiking!


Anonymous said…
Have a GREAT time! Or most likely by the time you read this, hope you had a GREAT time!

Sherry (I had to post as Anonymous again)
eArThworm said…
Hope you have fun and don't need the compeed!

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