An Even Better, More Narcissistic Time-Waster Than Facebook?

Oh, my. Don't ever let me loose with the online virtual makeover tool from Mary Kay. A woman from work (and Mary Kay salesperson) sent me the link to her Mary Kay page, and my lunch break today turned into one of sheer entertainment. Not only could I give myself different make-up styles, I could pick different hairstyles and colors!

Here I am, normal-looking:

I've always wondered what I might look like with black hair. You know--since I'm fair-skinned and all, maybe I would look like Snow White!

Um ... not quite. "Morticia" is more the name that comes to mind ...

Do you think it helps to have bangs?

Wow. I don't look so good with black hair and bangs. I think we can all agree that black hair doesn't work on me. Who woulda thunk? I guess God knew what he was doing when he made me a dishwater blonde.

(And let's just forget I ever mentioned Snow White.)

Let's try something else. Let's see how I'll look "when I am old and grey, and full of sleep."

Kind of sad, huh. So let's see how I look with long, luxurious blonde hair.

Oh, baby! Can you say Jennifer from Family Ties?

Let's go a little darker.

Here. In case you were wondering why I never get bangs (and why I rarely wear eyeliner):

Though this one doesn't look so bad:

I kind of wish I could wear my hair like this:

If only it didn't get so stringy. And if only I weren't so short that super-long hair made me look a little bit like Cousin Itt.

Yep. God definitely knew what he was doing. I think I'll stick with my old look.

Now ... what did I do with that jpeg of the Hubster ... ?


Sherry said…
So weird. In the two pics with straight hair and long bangs, you look EXACTLY like my friend Vicki! Vicki and Bobby were Jonathan's "rent-a-dad" and "rent-a-mom", and I'm sure you met them at the wedding. Bobby officiated. Again, how very weird.
Megan Monk said…
That is too funny. Ella prefers her "plain" Aunt Nina! :) (I do too!)
Megan Monk said…
Stephen caught me last night playing with this... ;)
That last one does look good! But, lawd, having to work at hair is something I hate, which is why my hair is SHORT *laugh*

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