The Dreaded "m/c"

I need to stay away from the community groups. Believe it or not, I didn’t join them because I’m an overenthusiastic mother-to-be. I joined because I’m something of an internet junkie. And when internet junkies discover a new situation in their lives, they go straight to the internet and join online groups of people who are, or who have been, in the same boat.

(How do you think I found so many friends in the Appalachian Trail community? I met lots of them on the trail and at hiker gatherings … but I met, or know, most of them primarily through the internet.)

So I joined three Baby Center groups: one for mothers expecting babies in 2009; one for first-time mothers expecting babies in November 2009; and one for gray-haired old biddies women over 35 who are expecting babies in November 2009.

Most of the people in the first two groups seem to be young whippersnappers. But I’m seeing a recurring thread in all three groups: the dreaded m/c.

It took a while to figure out some of the shorthand used on these boards, but I figured out pretty quickly that m/c means miscarriage. It’s really sad; someone posts a topic with the subject line “Good-bye,” and next thing I know, I’m reading about another embryo that never made it past the first eight weeks.

When I read these things, I get a tight, sick feeling in my stomach. No, we didn’t plan little Scout, but we sure as heck don’t want an “m/c” to happen. It saddens me to read these notes, every single day, from real women who are having these experiences. It could just as easily happen to me and Sheltowee, particularly considering my age.

So I’m thinking about stepping away from these groups for a while. I won’t quit them; I’ll just stay away from them. If I get to the point where Scout’s survival is statistically a lot more likely, I’ll go back. And if Scout doesn’t make it to that point … I can go back and find people who are in the best position to sympathize.


Gwen google said…
Yes, you probably should. I looked up "stuff" when Lil Mu was expecting and it just sent me into fits of aprehension. I guess somewhere there is a happy balance between too much and just enough information to make you "wise".

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